Discover Tenerife by the coast

During your stay in Tenerife, you will be amazed by the south coast of the island. Discover Tenerife and its relaxing Mediterranean climate along its sandy beaches, on the edge of azure blue water!

Come admire this shore both tourist and preserved from the ocean aboard our jet ski. From Amarilla Golf, you can discover the beautiful bay of Las Galletas.

How to discover Tenerife?

Discover Tenerife aboard our jet ski Yamaha

With our fleet of 5 jet ski, discover the beautiful landscapes of the south coast of Tenerife. With friends, up to 10 people go for an excursion of 1h or 2h according to your desires.

Tenerife under water in diving mask and snorkel

The seabed of Tenerife is one of the most beautiful underwater world in the world! Come and discover the unspoiled flora and fauna of Tenerife. On the occasion of our jet ski excursions of 1h or 2h, we take you to the best diving spots. The equipment is provided by Ocean Jet Ski Tenerife (fins, mask and snorkel).

Discover Tenerife by the coast

Tenerife can also be hiked. Enjoy the shoreline landscaping for easy strolls along the water. Many trails are open all year. They allow you to reach different coastal city such as the beautiful city of Las Galletas, the prestigious golf Amarilla.

What to do in the south of Tenerife?

Activities are not lacking in Tenerife. Practice golf, go hiking or have a dive for example. We recommend that you book your activities in advance and take full advantage of the multitude of leisure activities offered by our Spanish island.

Now you have all the cards in hand to discover Tenerife by the sea, by the side, under the water and on the water! We are at your disposal for further information about Tenerife. Ask us your questions via our contact form. Our tourism partners are also at your disposal. We invite you to also consult the website of the tourist office of Tenerife.


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