Before leaving for your jet ski excursion, you must know some information and plan your outfit and your business accordingly to prepare your jet ski trip. But do not panic, the team of Ocean Jet Ski Tenerife guides you!

How to dress to jet ski?

First of all, there is no need to have style for jet skiing. Safety is paramount! This is why it is mandatory to wear a lifejacket. For the rest of the equipment, come with your beach gear, that will be enough.

Clothing for jet skiing:

  • Swimsuit / Swim shorts
  • T-shirt to protect against sunburn
  • Life Jacket (provided by Ocean Jet Ski Tenerife)
  • No need for gloves or shoes

What should you prepare?

For your Jet Ski trip to Tenerife, we recommend that you prepare some essential things. Whether it’s identity papers or sunglasses, think about everything before going on an excursion is essential.

For your jet ski trip, consider taking:

  • Identification paper for Ocean Jet Ski to validate your reservation
  • Your payment method
  • Your diving mask and snorkel (if needed, Ocean Jet Ski Tenerife can provide you the material)
  • Sunglass (a cord may be useful in case of loss)
  • Sunscreen (it’s all about a jet ski!)
  • Your good mood!

Here you are now ready to embark with Ocean Jet Ski Tenerife for an hour or two ride, with family, friends or lovers. For any question, contact us, we love our customers!


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